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Customer Reviews

Ming Shi:
"I have known Joe, the owner of eLink Realty, for over 15 years. He is indeed a very humble, honest and knowledgeable professional. I have bought/sold multiple houses through Joe. I have also done mortgage finance/refinance through eLink many times. I strongly recommend eLink if you are looking forward to being a homeowner."

Dustin Williams:
"Elink Realty is an awesome company that is full of excellent people. They made the buying process smooth to me. I didn't need to do much work because they took care almost entire jobs. All I need to do was listen to their advice and sign paperwork. Plus my agents were very honest, and that was why I chose to trust them. Nice company, nice people."

"Elink Realty is the best property management company in the Greater Seattle area. The rates are one of the most competitive in the area. They are always very honest and professional to deliver the client’s needs. They respond to messages quickly and in a professional manner. They are all extremely positive influences within the company and draw from their immaculate experiences to harness their expertise. The property managers there are one of the most enthusiastic and creative individuals I have had the pleasure of dealing with. In addition, the owner Joe is a humble and knowledgeable professional who cares a lot about the client. It has been a pleasure dealing with this company and I would highly recommend this company to anyone."

Melody Z.:
"Helen Yang helped us with purchasing a property this year. Helen is extremely responsive and helpful in the process. She understands our needs well and has deep knowledge about the market. We are happy to have worked with her for our purchase. Great job!"

John Peppers:
"I could not be more pleased with the help I received from eLink Realty. The website is easy to use!! It had everything I needed to search properties and get in contact with agents. The information is accurate and up to date. I will be using it again in the future."

Wenqian Li:
"Agent Alice Xu is the nicest agent I have ever met. She had a good understanding of our needs and helped to buy our dream house. She was super responsive and professional during the house purchase. She also helped with set up like water, electricity, and network, etc. Highly recommend buying a house with Alice!"

Thi Nguyen:
"Nice company. Got my first house through their services during the hot market. I was able to win the bidding war under their advice. I also received a lot of rebate compared to other companies. Very satisfied and highly recommend it."

Oziel Hernández:
"My experience with Helen Yang was excellent, we rented a property in Fairwood and the overall experience was very good, she was always responsive and kept the home in good shape. She later helped me to buy a house and the service was always quick. I fully recommend Helen."

Don Xu:
"In the past 10 years, I have done multiple real property related transactions via eLink. Comparing other companies, eLink can provide one stop service, from purchasing, loan to property management. This saved me a lot efforts in dealing with different agents. The quality of eLink's property management service is very outstanding. During my limited experiences with eLink, I noticed that they could always find new tenants very quickly and with reliable financial background. Most importantly, the owner of eLink is a nice and kind guy. He is always very responsible in keeping my house in good condition and often voluntarily help solve various questions. I would highly recommend this company in your real property business."

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