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Thank you for considering eLink Realty as your property management company.

Property Management Costs and Fees Overview:

  • For rental contract / startup costs, we charge 50% of 1st month's rental income towards rent analysis, advertising to find tenants, selection of tenants, lease setup, etc.
  • Management fees for the following months are 7% of monthly rental income. Monthly management fees includes managing tenants, responding to maintenance requests, finding appropriate contractors and overseeing repair work, etc.
  • We want homeowners to be involved in the tenant selection process. We create a
    separate messaging group for each homeowner to communicate all things related to leasing and tenants so that you will be fully aware of all details and progress.
  • Maintenance requests: maintenance is paid by homeowners if the issue is a result of normal wear and tear and appliance aging. Maintenance is paid by tenants if due to tenant damage or improper use.
  • Our leases are signed year-to-year. Following a year of tenancy, we assess the tenant and the current rental market to consider rent adjustments.
  • If the tenant is doing well in the rental agreement, then we analyze the rent according to the market, make a modest adjustment to the rent, and renew the current tenant for another year. For this, we only charge the renewal fee and the monthly 7% management fee remains unchanged.
  • If you want to have a new tenant or if your current tenant decides to move out, will return to 50% of 1st month's rent to find new tenants and, 7% management fee for the following months.

If you have any questions, you can contact your management team at any time via your messaging group.

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