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Pre-Construction Services

eLink Realty is a full-service general contractor who prides itself on the success of your project. Like most things, supplementary planning and preparation that goes into a construction project will result in a smoother execution and completion of your project. This is why eLink is very pleased to offer Pre-Construction Services. eLink Realty can help manage to ensure cost control and schedule adherence from the inception of your project. Often times we are able to help Owners and Architects understand and design more cost-effective and time-saving construction methods, meanwhile saving Owners’ time any money by avoiding costly redesign time and permitting delays due to additional revisions. Pre-Construction Services also allow us to begin scheduling and sequencing earlier in the project to ensure the project commences as early as possible and adheres to the project timeline.   

Depending on your project and your project’s needs, below is a list of the activities that are typically engaged in with our Pre-Construction Services:

• Visit the site and review preliminary design drawings with Owner, Architect and Structural Engineer

• Participate in regularly scheduled design progress meetings with the project team. Through this, we will be able to provide valuable input in regards to constructability, construction cost, schedule, sequencing as well as means and methods

• Provide Value Engineering reviews to offer alternates and cost savings suggestions during the design process

• Assist in material specification selection

• Provide Rough Order of Magnitude {ROM} cost estimates during the design process.

• Review and issue comments and suggestions throughout the design process

• Prepare proposal based on 100% complete construction documents

• Help drive design and pre-construction stages of a project in conjunction with project team

• Help maintain accountability of design team deliverables

We are more than happy to tailor our Pre-Construction Services to your project’s needs no matter what the size or requirements may be.

General Contracting

eLink Realty is a General Contractor who has been providing construction services to the Puget Sound for over thirty years. From ground-up new construction development to interior office tenant improvements we can handle your project big or small. We pride ourselves in applying our skills and experience to all phases of the construction process to ensure a successful project. Our field staff is well versed in all phases of construction as well as everything from your most basic commercial finishes to some of the most high-end finishes out there. Let us know how we can help you.

Key General Contractor functions:

Please contact us regarding your construction project to discuss our General Contractor services and how we can help with your project.  

Owner Representation

Another service that eLink Realty offers is Owner’s Representation for your project. Often times an Owner’s Representative can help to serve as an extension of your project staff. This type of representation can be extremely valuable if you are not located near the project, if you are not extremely familiar with the construction processes, if your project is on a tight timeline and you need to manage accountability of the project team, or you just simply do not have the time to manage the project yourself. In any case, we are here to help. Each project has its own specific requirements and goals which are very important to you as the Owner as well as any other investors or stakeholders. With our highly experienced hands-on staff, we can ensure that the Owner meets their project goals from inception to completion.

Some of the basic representation services include:

Every project is different and the requirements of your project may be different. Please contact us today to discuss your project and how we can help make it successful.